218.1 is out !

Hi guys ! I am proud to announce that the new version of Dos9 is out. There is quite a long while since I have posted a new version of Dos9. Quite a lot of changes have been made since last year.

New features

There is two main new features interpreter multi-threading and operators precedence


The biggest flaw (in terms of execution speed) of Dos9 under windows was certainly the need to start new dos9 processes regularly. Indeed, commands like echo test | find "test" require a new process to be started (FOR had a somehow similar behaviour). In a batch, where this commands can be ran hundred times, it resulted in a significant speed penalty.

The version 218.1 solves this by just spawning separate threads inside a single Dos9 interpreter, So that it gets faster than ever !


Dos9 behaviour used to be a bit awkward as since the very first versions the redirection operators (>) owned precedence over all conditional operators (&, &&, | and ||).

This behaviour has now changed and lines like the following are perfectly valid :

echo test > file & dir > fd

Compatibility between dos9 and cmd.exe has greatly been improved.

Minor changes

There is also a few minor changes since the last release:

Getting the new version

Sounds cool isn't it ? Go and get the new dos9 bundle