Quick starting guide

Starting with Dos9

Firstly, if you have never used cmd or an equivalent interpreter before, you should definitely consider reading a tutorial about batch programming.

If you are already familiar with batch, just open dos9 and start typing some commands ! Dos9 batch dialect is almost compatible with cmd.

If you use Dos9 on windows, the only file extension provided is .dos9 by default (to avoid polluting your OS with potential conflicts).

Dos9 changes

Once installed, it is quite straightforward to play with Dos9, especially if you are quite familiar with cmd. However, there is a couple of thing out there you have to know about.

On one hand, there is a couple of differences between Dos9 and cmd :

On the other hand, Dos9 also provides you with with a bunch of extensions:

Online documentation

Do you want more precise informations about Dos9 and its command ? Check out the online docs.